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Tips engineers have worked for vendors and completed numerous vendor training courses.

In addition to formal training Tips engineers have led large projects using multiple platforms.

We have experience with: Continuous, Batch (S88), Class-Based, Template-Based, High Performance Graphics, Human-Centered-Design Graphics, Sequences, Command-Driven Equipment Modules, and more!
  DeltaV with Batch
  RS3 with Batch

  Emerson Training:
  • DeltaV Implementation-I (7009)
  • DeltaV Implementation-II (7017)
  • DeltaV Operator Interface for Continuous Control (7012)
  • DeltaV Operator Interface for Batch (7014)
  • DeltaV Batch Systems Implementation-I (7016)
  • DeltaV SIS Implementation (7305)
  • DeltaV Systems Administration for Windows 7 and Server2008 (7027)
  • DeltaV Advanced Training (PSS003)

  TDC 2000
  TDC 3000

  Honeywell Training:
  • Total Plant Batch and Phase Builder
  • TDC3000 Application Module
  • TDC3000 Process Manager
  • TDC3000 Advanced Graphics
  • TDC3000 Universal Station Implementation
  • TDC2000 MFC Implementation
  PCS 7 with Simatic Batch
  Moore APACS

  Siemens Training:
  • Siemens PCS 7 System Engineering I
  • Siemens PCS 7 System Engineering II
  • Siemens PCS 7 Simatic Batch
  • Siemens PCS 7 Process Safety Sustaining